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Children, special moments, a click.

At the heart of the project, lies innocence. The innocence on the faces of little children, the innocence of
their first movements and then their first words and expressions spoken out of the blue....

Innocence - Précieux souvenirs - Notre histoire - Des enfants, des moments, un déclic

Innocence is a project created by us; two pairs of parents driven by the same passion: our children and the time spent with them.

Just like everyone else, we have our smartphones near us all day long, our relationship with photography has obviously changed. Nowadays, alost every moment has its photo and our stories are told by scrolling through the pictures on our touch screens. This is nothing new, but it became even more apparent when our little ones arrived...

Every chocolatey grin, every paint-covered cuddle, every tantrum flat on the floor (yes, those too!), every chaotic bathtime, every pick up from nursery or school... so many memories we would never want to forget.

"More than a photo album, we wanted something beautiful that we could hold and look through whenever we wanted [...]"


Quickly came the time of wanting to re-visit, gift or enjoy our most beautiful photos on paper. That's where it all began... It must be said that all four of us being involved with graphic design (by profession), we had trouble finding a suitable solution in the current range of classic hardcover albums with cardboard pages and other glossy prints.

More than a photo album, we were looking for something beautiful to hold and browse whenever we wanted, to keep on the coffee table or on the fireplace, to share with our friends, family and children... A object full of emotions.

We couldn't find THE perfect photo album. That's why we put all of our graphic design skills and our enthusiasm into creating Innocence, a project with the sole aim of transforming your most beautiful moments into elegant objects to cherish, hold and share...

— The Innocence Team

Innocence - Précieux souvenirs - Notre histoire - Des enfants, des moments, un déclic

Prepared, printed and made with care in our Parisian workshop.

Your photos are precious, so are your memories. This is why we treat them with the utmost care and attention, from preparation to delivery.